Silhouette ragdolls

I have retired from breeding and exhibiting my Ragdolls. It has been a wonderful adventure and thank you to all of you who have helped me along the way!

silhouette ragdolls

Also they have one of my girls, CH. I am delighted they have made so many beautiful Ragdolls for them. I am so proud of his breeding program. I provided a five-year genetic written contract and a lifetime HCM guarantee.

My Ragdolls, who are raised in my home underfoot, have become my extended family and an integral part of my life. After much research, I decided that the Ragdoll was the cat for me, with their loving, docile and placid temperaments and dog-like qualities. I would like to thank the families who have adopted my babies over the years, and provided them with such loving homes.

Their respective moms and dads and I thank each and every one of you for your pictures, cards and friendship, and most importantly for loving my babies and taking such wonderful care of them! Thank you! I decided to breed and show Ragdolls because they are the most dog-like of all the cat breeds. When I was married, I bred and exhibited German Shepherd dogs, so taking care of animals and exhibiting has been an integral part of my life.

silhouette ragdolls

Nilla is lovingly owned by Jennifer Hoffman! Beautifully shown by his loving owner, Jim Flanik.

silhouette ragdolls

Thank you for not only loving your best buddy Enzo so much, but for showing Enzo and obtaining his Grand Premier title. Sunny now lives in Taiwan with Frank and Angela! I am so proud of Risky! For the show season ending April 24, began May 1,I am proud to announce the following wonderful accomplishments for some of our Bordeaux Ragdolls.

Thank you Jim Flanik, loving owner of Carroll Shelby. I am so proud of you and Carroll!!!!These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them.

Jarrah Ragdolls. Narre Warren Nth. Ragalon Ragdolls. Jimaline Ragdolls. Rosecoloured Ragdolls. Silhouette Ragdolls. Our kittens are raised in our home with our family, ensuring they are well socialized and loving kittens. Before leaving for their new homes around 12 weeks of age they are vaccinated, de-sexed, micro chipped and Veterinary checked.

Sometimes we have kittens available to approved registered breeders. Have a Question? Send Email Now. I breed with show quality titled bloodlines.

Ragdoll, girl, contours

I strive every day to vary and improve their diet to produce large, fat healthy kittens. Perfection in all areas of my Ragdolls is my goal. Facebook Page: Visit Now. We show our cats and kittens regularly to ensure we remain on the correct path - and have had much success in the show ring.

We are breeding to the type and temprement that Ragdolls are so well known for. Our aim is to breed healthy lovable companions.

Ragdoll Vectors, Photos & PSD

All our kittens come desexed microchipped vaccinated vet checked with a certificate of health, parents are DNA tested clear of HCM and PKD, thus making your kitten clear of these horrible genetic illnesses. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home in a clean environment. Showing our cats on a monthly basis. Our kittens have been nurtured in our family home. Our queens live in a dedicated cat room within our house and all the kittens are raised as part of the extended family.

Each kitten is vet checked twice prior to leaving and we offer a health guarantee against congenital defects and diseases.Perfect Pets. I am looking for: Pet services, shelters, breeders etc, OR Pets for sale, adoption, events etc Pet services, shelters, breeders, vets, clubs Pets for sale, for adoption My name is Luke and I am a registered breeder of the loveable Ragdoll cat.

All cats and kittens live and are reared inside in a safe loving environment. We are a small cattery located in the picturious Adelaide Hills. We breed beautiful blue eyed loving Ragdolls, and the beautiful Solid and Mink Ragdolls.

Our Ragdolls are a huge part of our family. Registered Ragdoll Cat breeder. Roxyrags Ragdolls - Registered breeder of quality Ragdoll cats.

Breeding beautiful Ragdoll kittens for pets, showing and breeding. Roxyrags is a small in home breeding cattery based in the Adelaide Mayflower Ragdolls is dedicated to improving the breed of this beautiful animal i have been breeding Ragdolls since All of our kittens come desexed. For more information please visit our My name is Elizabeth.

Some years ago I heard about amazing qualities of the Ragdoll Breed. Always a cat lover, I was so taken with their temperament and loveable layback personality. As a companion Located in the Eastern My small Cattery is situated in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia! In I started breeding with just this one cat called Coco.Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative during this uncertain time. Ragdoll Cat greeting cards with unique artwork for posting words of wisdom or decorating your wall, fridge or office.

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By Carol Cavalaris. Tags: ragdoll, cat, cats, kitty, kitten, animal, animals, pets, pet. By Giulialibard. Tags: cat, fluffy, blue eyes. Ragdoll Greeting Card. By ChloeaWe're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled.

Support Contact. Flaticon Free customizable icons. Stories by Freepik Free editable illustrations. Hello, Sign in Sign in or Sign up. Edit profile. Pimp my cookie. Watercolor painting of ragdoll blueten Ragdoll cat in studio cynoclub.

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silhouette ragdolls

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Ragdoll breed of cat face close-up timolina 58 3. Silhouette of people drawn on a white background kues1 1k Ragdoll cat breed and a vase of narcissus timolina Ragdoll cat breed and a vase of narcissus timolina 12 2.

Ragdoll cat breed and a vase of narcissus timolina 14 1. Beige cat lying in the sofa timolina 5 3.Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative during this uncertain time. With custom cuts and independent designs, deck out your iPad in style. Sell your art.

Owning a Ragdoll Cat Own Us

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Tags: ragdoll gift, gift for ragdoll, ragdoll owner gift, ragdoll lover gift, ragdoll mom, ragdoll dad, ragdoll quote, gift for ragdoll owner, gift for ragdoll lover, gift for ragdoll dad, gift for ragdoll mom.Thank you everyone.

We have a show marked blue Bicolour from fully imported lines ready to rehome. Sometimes the angels align. A show marked blue tabby hm Bicolour girl with super eye colour. No need to say Thank you Bryce and Anisha for the update of Lexi. Our little boy Perfect Change Like a Diamond is growing up. Thank you Perfect Change ragdolls. We love him so much. He is the most beautiful pet. Hope you are well. Our Sass in Boots delivered overnight.

Thanks Sarah for holding the fort. All good. This makes me feel good. Thank you, KatieJames and family. He really is the most stunning cat, unlike any we've ever had before, he's like my shadow and keeps me company no matter what I'm up to.

His temperament is so affectionate and he just loves people even our two crazy little ones!! Thank you so much for breeding such lovely cats, we couldn't imagine not having Percy as part of our family. If we ever decide to add to our gang, we'll certainly be in touch in the future. Causing Kaos at his first show.

A son of Phantoms.


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